Company Nutrition Club


The Nutrition club

Every day you can buy a nutritious shake for a meal ticket during the lunch break.


Why to come to The Nutrition club?

  • you will have your lunch at your workplace thereby you save your time
  • shake will feeds you for three hours thanks to the protein and fiber
  • nutritious shake provides 21 key vitamins and minerals
  • you have your calorie under control
  • shake is very easy to digest so you do not experience any drop in energy as after a standart meal
  • after the nutritious shake you will drink the Herbal tea concentrate which contains green tea extract and black tea extract (orange pekoe). The herbal tea boosts your metabolism with 85 mg of caffeine.
  • the price includes also personal coach servis


Personal coach service

  • everobody who comes to The Nutrition club can use a coach service
  • outside the working hours you can discuss your eating plan with your coach and meassure your body composition (once a month)


Fit club

Fit club is 2 hour complex program that includes:

  • 60 minutes of excercise - a combination of condition and power excercise which aim is to improve condition, strenghten the musculoskeletal system and slow down the degenerative changes as arthrosis, stiffness and muscle imbalance.
  • 45 minutes of personal development  - it is about the way we think that influence your life, it is about learned behavior patterns that leads us somewhere where we frequently do not want to go


  • Fit club will run in Karolina three halls.



Do you want to come to the Nutrition Club?